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Equity-Based Refinance:

Approval Based on Home Equity and Income NOT Credit!

If you’re struggling with the threat of foreclosure and find traditional loan modification unattainable, consider an asset-based refinance as the ideal alternative to resolve your financial woes.

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Equity Refinance
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Unlike traditional refinancing methods, an equity-based refinance focuses on the equity in your property and your overall household income rather than your credit score and mortgage payment history.

As long as your home’s appraised value has a minimum of 50% equity and your combined household income can comfortably cover loan payments, you could qualify for this type of refinancing. Additionally, this option may include the first 6 months of payments within the loan, allowing you time to regain financial stability.

Private Money Loans: Flexible Refinancing Options
Private investor refinancing offers a more adaptable solution than conventional options, with rates as low as 8% even if your equity falls short. In some cases, private investors may agree to a reduced payoff amount, simplifying the refinancing process. Our experienced housing counselors possess the negotiation skills necessary to secure a lower payoff amount by leveraging funds from a new lender.

We Can Help: Find the Right Lender for You
At The Mortgage Help Center, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of trustworthy, non-traditional lenders, dedicated to evaluating your eligibility for a foreclosure loan within 48 business hours. Our partners recognize the urgency of your situation and strive to identify the most suitable refinancing solutions for your needs. Allow us to help you retain your home and prevent foreclosure. Complete our brief form today to connect with our network of hard-money lenders.

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